Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cougar Mountain Zoo - Largest Collection Bronze

We went to the Cougar Mountain Zoological Park in Issaquah. After driving by and seeing the signs the last few years and not stopping, it was time we visited!
Fall just beginning and the day cool but not cold proved to be the perfect day. The park boasts that it has the largest collection of Bronze Animal Statuary. I believe it! This is not half of the animals all over the small zoo park. We had a great time slowly taking it all in.
There are Reindeer (Santa's of course), a cougar, 2 Bengal rare colored tigers, a Wallaby, several Lemurs, ringtails and brown ones, and Macaws. Also Alpacas, a Mule deer, Cranes and Emus too.
It was envigorating to walk and see the animals. We loved it!

Cougar Mountain Zoo - LOTs of Birds!