Friday, December 7, 2018

#PrettyThingsSurvivorsDo Blog Hop

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Welcome to our Pretty Things Survivors Do inaugural blog hop!
We are glad you’re here.
PTSD is a “psychiatric disorder that can occur in people who
have experienced or witnessed a traumatic event such as a natural disaster,
serious accident, terrorist act,
war/combat, rape or other violent personal assault.”
(American Psychiatric Association definition)
Although mostly associated with war veterans,
it affects 3.5% of the
population and
4% of US children ages 13-18 will experience PTSD in their lifetime.
About 8 million adults have PTSD during a given year.
(Brain and Behavior Research Foundation)
The holidays are a difficult time for those living with PTSD.
We are participating in the blog hop in the hopes that you may be
reminded to reach out to loved ones, neighbors,
and friends who could be living with PTSD daily.
If one person is remembered this holiday season, then we have achieved our goal of spreading awareness. Below you will find different ways
you can help those with PTSD.

The National Institute of Mental Health

US Department of Veteran Affairs
The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
If you know someone who lives with PTSD and would like ways to support them,
please visit the following sites and remember to reach out to a neighbor,
friend or family member during this holiday season,
you could make a difference in their day.