Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Homemade Applesauce - Chilled Cinnamon Hot Cherry

With my last place I lived over 6+ years having three apple trees, I have made a lot of applesauce. Cinnamon Red Hot applesauce is our favorite!

- 15-20 Apples
- 2 Boxes Hot Tamales Candy
- 1 can pitted cherries

The taste is mild sweet cinnamony applesauce with a hint of cherry flavor.

I cored and peeled the apples and they were crock pot cooked for 10 hours on low in 3 cups water. Do not stir, drain water off and put apples back in crock add 1 bag cinnamon red hot candies, or 2 bags ot tamales, drained cherries. Mash with plastic potato masher stirring as you mash. Simmer in crock 3 hours. Cool completely before putting in the fridge, or plastic containers for freezer.

This is excellent chilled!
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