Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July Funness!

We had a really great 4th! We worked in the back yard, raking, mowing, filling bird feeders for mom and then we played catch!

It is the last year Scott's work will be on the 26th floor of the Bellevue City Center Bldg, so it was the last time you could see the Bellevue fireworks at eye level on the balcony. It is the only floor with the balcony. Later this year they will move to the 2nd floor. Larger, though not as cool as the top floor.

The fireworks were spectacular as we were eye level and so close you could almost touch them. I could take or leave fireworks, they have never been my thing.

When I was young, I watched as my brother Aaron almost lost his hand with a ladyfinger firework. It will change your thinking when you see that up close. I will never light off a firework.

I know Conrad was really bummed out that we are not the kind that buy fireworks and light them off. The show was really nice, he liked them alot!

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