Saturday, August 14, 2010

Waterwienie Fight!

We are lucky that our neighborhood is cool.

The Ice Cream man comes by in weather like this. Can you imagine sitting in the sweltering heat and the chiming music drifts up from the street. Hey, you think, is that on our street? Could it really be?.... Hey, YESss!!! I think it is..


Today, we heard that music..And I am not kidding you --- all three of us literally shot up out of our chairs, flew down the stairs and bolted to the street!

I had a cotton candy popsicle, Scott a Missippipi Mud Ice Cream Sandwich, and Conrad had a crazy popsicle that was green and had yellow and red swirls circling up and around it.

We are pretty lucky to have cool neighbors too.

The neighbors across the street have a pool in their backyard, and a cool dog and 2 boys. They are really nice. Conrad just loves going over there. As we grabbed our treats, their oldest boy all of 5 said that they were having a water balloon fight at his house. Conrad and I wandered over and it was true, Rob, his dad announced that later on at about 3:30 they were having an all out neighborhood kids water balloon fight.

Conrad could not believe this. I could not believe this.

Yes, Conrad could go over. A few hours later, I did get distracted and sent Conrad over a little later. I guess he missed the big balloon fight, but they still were having water wienie wars, as you can see--- he was so crazed happy.

I took some pics and really thought that he is having a great summer!

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