Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Resolutions..Downsizing, decluttering!

This post is in response to "In Love with the Little things"

The start of a new year is full of promise and hope. The hope that you will keep your promises to stick to those resolutions!

My closet was so out of hand!!
I was convinced that keeping items sorted in baskets would be an easy fast way to sort through clothes and have them stackable to put in the closet. Yeah, was kidding no one. So Scott and I put up a closet system. The basic kit is only $79.99 @ Home Depot for a boxed kit with all the hardware. We added another 6 foot shelf and supports and loads of plastic bins. This may be overkill, but I had to get tough!

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BrittanyLane said...

Wow! I'm in awe. What a great idea. I have approximately 6 closets in my house that look just about like that one. I think I'm asking for shelving for my birthday this year!