Friday, May 20, 2011

Scott's Pontiac - The before

Scott sent his Pontiac to the shop to start the restoration. This has been a dream in the making for about 15 yrs... He has been stock piling parts so that once the welding piecing and the body work body work is completed, he can replace almost every other item. An almost complete rebuild.

First he had to purchase a shell to have welded to replace some fender and trunk paneling pieces. Then he had to pull out all of the interior.

More on this, and pics to come this weekend!

ooohhh sweet suspense! (pics to come)
BrittanyLane said...

That's awesome! I can't wait to see the pictures. We restored a 1966 Mustang when we were first married. We had to sell it to pay for the flooring in our first house. Despite the fact that I could barely see over the dashboard, I kinda miss it.

wienerhoneymooners said...

Here is the before, pretty nice. Up close the wheel wells are bubbled and rusted. The body is in good shape, the interior not bad, but it all will get re-done. Boyhood dreams. Scott, he will never sell this baby. I think he bought it in 95', and it was for a whole $500!

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