Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

This weekend we were laid back, but still had a great time.

Saturday is a blurr, I don't really recall what we did.
Sunday, all four of us went to Tech City Bowl in Kirkland and bowled! Conrad, as usual kicked our butt's.
Monday, Scott and I took Conrad to see the Green Lantern. It was ok. (Don't tell, but now that I am older, I actually fall asleep in the movies...Embarrassing, especially if I start a little snort and wake myself up... Uggghhh).
We got caught up after the movie with Scott online desperately trying to get a frame for the Pontiac, the frame he has is riddled with rust holes and this weekend we might go on a road trip to Oregon to bring back a frame...
And apologizing, once he got out of the room and I said, did you call the family? It was too late....My honey means well, (they know he means well, but he needs to call more often).
I am no better about calling...
Sorry guys! Let us know what you did this weekend!

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