Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Infamous 2, at a Costco near you!

Egadd.  This weekend we actually were out of Shampoo, light bulbs, toilet paper, glue sticks, vitamins, etc.... So off to Costco we went.  Mistake,  you head in with a limited list, out you go with a cart full of boxes of items and a list receipt dragging the floor.

I did get a last day savings on 4 pair of movie tickets that saved me $10.

Conrad was delighted to find that Costco sold Infamous 2, (this is the game Scott worked on with his company). 

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BrittanyLane said...

Cool! My husband loved that game. I always do that at Costco as well. It's a very dangerous store. You walk in the door planning on just getting ONE thing, and end up with half the store in the cart...

On the kefir question, it grows, but you can easily eat the extra granules by mixing them up in smoothies or using them in other recipes. I'm not quite sure how quickly it grows yet... I guess we'll find out. I loved the Tribble comment. (It is a very little known fact that I was once a bit of a Trekkie...)