Saturday, June 9, 2012

Card, cards, more cards

A card club class is coming up and I was inspired to make up some cards!  I want to make some more tonight, and I plan to make even more next weekend.  I will choose a few for the class.  I am so inspired to a make a ton!  having so much fun.  Conrad is having fun stamping too!

testing some of my ink pad colors

Card that I am still working on the design.  The ink color is not quite right yet for the greeting. Maybe I will keep it this way.  Not sure.

A glossy effect that I smeared, so it is not perfected yet.

4th of July card.  It is okay.  I like the plane and banner concept I had.

Love this card.  When I saw the "i love hanging out with you" stamp, it made me think of Scott immediately.  So of course it was a must have item.  Later I found the parachuters and remembered that stamp would be perfect with them. I think it is pretty unique, and I do think this it is quite cute.

This Birthday card is a front runner for the class.  I have kits ready.  It is simple and fast,  just a little coloring and, how cut is the stamp (Available @ MadScrapper Issaquah $1.99) , You don't have to spend a ton to handmade cute cards.  The FunFetti paper pack of 6x6 paper was under $6.  So for about $7 you can make a ton of cute cards with also cut mini enclosure gift tags too!

Detail of the cupcake cutie

 And a card I made for my personal collection (not going to make a kit for this one)

Little ghostie is "popped up" with a mini foam square.

Another Halloween cutie with a starry background.

This lilac is from a Stampin' up set.  I rarely use my stampin' up stamps.  
This lilac is a favorite of my mom's.

This baby gift enclosure card is very small and just adorable.  Since I don't have the Copic blendable markers, I dot or check the marker application so as not to overwhelm the delicate little characters.

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BrittanyLane said...

Cute cute cards! I love making cards, and stamping too. Once upon a time I knew where all my crafting supplies were located... Hopefully I'll get back to it again someday!