Monday, July 23, 2012

Wow. What a weekend. 
Credits for scrap layout: Studio Double D Digitals - Layerworks #No. 209 by Kayleigh Wiles  (available on $2.99

While Conrad and Scott were away at Boy Scout Camp at Camp Brinkley in Monroe, WA., I had my longtime friend Donna over.

The plan was to walk and talk a little, catch up, and then do nothing.

I took her to a few waterfalls and the next day, we just recovered basically.

Now I truly forgot ( I am so sorry Donna) that the trail head leading to Franklin Falls was so treacherous with a small path of wet rock and a wet rock wall on one side and a gaping straight hole of a drop off.  Well.. in my defense, it has been about three years since I hiked that trail to that falls.  And it is possible that that one drop off where just a single little mis step would have you disappear to your plummeting .. anyway, this could have been from a recent water slide. 

Good news is we crossed it, even with seasoned hikers passing by us and having us back against the rock wall (inwardly I quietly cried Mummy mummy mummy, as I clutched the rock wall and people stepped around me) and still we made it!  Wow, we are good.  Seriously, I was a little bit leary of falling...

Yes, it is agreed, that is the last time I will do that hike.  Of course we did not speak of the crazy thoughts of doom until we were safely across the path back towards the walk to the car.  Only then, very safely away from any hikers. Did I apologize to her profusely about almost having to tell her mom that I lost her down a rock bank.

Snoqualmie Falls was the safer bet, and it was gorgeous too!

I had a great time, I think she really did too.

I just LOVE waterfalls, don't you?

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