Thursday, October 10, 2013

Merry and Bright: Scraps Card for Kyleigh!

Merry and Bright: Scraps Card for Kyleigh!

It's time to send my lovely little niece,
(yes I say little, she looks older, however she is only 13!--
she is very tall as my youngest brother is 6.3! )

Well .....when she visited us we went to the Reptile Zoo.
I promised to send photos every now and then for her album that I made for her.

My card to showcase the pics is a scrap card.
I used the scraps of the inner star of the snowflakes die cuts I used on the BJ Martin CASE card,
and I used a snow flurry treat bag as the "window"


Shannon J said...

Kyleigh is beautiful and BRAVE! There is NO WAY I would ever put a snake around my neck - NEVER!! You wouldn't even find me within a ten mile radius of a reptile zoo! Ha ha!! I love the card - so personal and sweet - the two cousins look so close! And of course the design and the sweet embellishments are perfect :)

Deepti said...

Kimberly this is amazing, love the brilliant idea :) perfection