Friday, May 16, 2008

Ro's Visit:

Arrival Time: 12:36am

I was tired, so that is my excuse for the "fuzzy photo."
I stayed up so I could show
Ro the very posh and elegant, what we like to call the "Le hide-a-bed."
That's french, for our most distinguished guests.

Meeting Mom:

Funny story, she got up early and walked by him in the front room and put her finger to her lips and said "Shhhhh go back to sleep." hah haahhhha I thought that was hysterical.

Well Ro, the Bootsie wake up call was optional!

Issaquah Cafe
We frequent here especially in the Fall when they are known as the home of the
"Famous Pumpkin Pancakes."

Scott had his "new" usual, a Kentucky Club sandwich. Ro and I both had a 1/2 portion Irish Scramble. It has cornbeef chunks in eggs, thin sliced green onions and topped with melted cheddar. He had a side of sourdough, mine a buttermilk pancake. Yummm. Pancakes!

I love Pancakes! The Issaquah Cafe, on my scale of PNW pancakes, it ties for #2!

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