Friday, May 23, 2008

Oregon Trip: Multnomah Falls

Once we picked up Scott's "New" Volvo in Scappoose,Oregon, he asked me. -"So, what do you want to do tomorrow?"

When we were test driving I saw a sign that said Multnomah, and I remembered that one of the prettiest waterfalls in my waterfall book was in Oregon. I asked the guy he bought the car from-

-"How far are we from Multnoma Falls?"

-"It is pretty far, it is about an hour away."

I laughed because we drove all day to get this car and an hour was nothing. So later on after we gassed our vehicles and Scott asked me this, my reply was - " Multnomah Falls."

We spent the night in Aloha, Oregon (just close to Beaverton on the edge of Portland) and next morning spent some time at beautiful Multnomah Falls. It took out breath away!

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