Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Charles Russell Lawrence Memorial Pole Dedication

My grandmother Anne Berg married the love of her life in Charles Lawrence. They met in a TB Sans, short for Tuberculosis Sanatorium.  They both kicked TB and fell for each other.  Grandma and Charles had only 10 short years together and 4 children of their own, plus mom from a previous marriage.  My mother was about 7 or 8 at the time, and lived with an aunt I believe.  Known as Chuck he was once chairman of the Suquamish Tribe and dedicated a great portion of his life bringing back the rich culture of the coastal Suquamish people. Two of he most memorable achievements were, one, bringing back "Chief Seattle Days," Secondly, the dedication in putting in place a boat launch for the community.  Charles passed away during his endeavors of the construction of the boat launch.  The year after his passing, the Suquamish boat launch was dedicated to him. After years of erosion, a brand new Pole was commissioned by a wonderful and artistic crew, was erected, and the ceremony was this Saturday.

 Grandma Anne and Charles R. Lawrence on their wedding day
 Festive tables
The Suquamish Warriors paying homage just before the 21 gun salute.

Off and on I grew up in Suquamish.  Long after my aunt and uncle's left home and started families of their own.  My grandma's house was a gathering place.  Still we honor that gathering place, though long after it was destroyed, a new home stands in it's place.  Auntie Lee, my grandmother's sister now resides there.  So every year we will go back up to that spot and visit with our relatives.  Mom and her Auntie Lee and cousins Cindy and Glenda will be there.  They will talk about the past and reminisce, and for an hour or two they are all young again.

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What an awesome memorial pole to your grandfather!!