Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Inspiration Project : December Daily

I love to make mini albums.  My preferred size is 5x7 or smaller.  I guess I have a style all my own when it comes to the mini albums, however the artist I believe I am most similar to (or strive to want to be like) is Ali Edwards.    and I I gravitate to want to do projects like hers.  Yearly Ali has a project called the December Daily.  It chronicles all the fun and cheer of the holidays in the days leading up to Christmas in a structured album.  She creates numbered and dated pages to "drop" pictures and journal later on.  I will be doing this for the first time this year.  I already started an album about our trip to Missouri for Christmas, inspired by her December Dailies, but I decided to use her format for more of a clean uniform look.  I tend not to journal as much as Ali does on her projects, though on this project I will push myself to add more journaling.  I only had about 4 pages, and I incorporated them just fine onto the printed cardstock.

I have already created 25 7x5 pages and have 1/2 primarily decorated.  I used her 2011 6x8.5 Daily Overlays from Designer Digitals.com.  I changed the set up from 6x8.5 to my preferred scaled down 7x5 size. As you can see from the example, you can add a scrap strip beside the numbered and day box adding whatever embellishments you choose.  I happily worked on this for 4 hours last night (when I should have been cleaning the kitchen).  If you are interested in seeing more of Ali Edwards current project on the December Dailies, Click on the below: to go to Ali Edwards blog.

Ali Edwards Blog

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