Monday, October 22, 2012

What is up with Scott???!!!!

For the past few months, Scott has started a novel.  It is something he is really compelled to write.  A sort of graphic pulp novel. I don't really know how else to describe, but as a fiction sci-fi fantasy.  He has characters churning inside his head wanting to be let out and goes into his study and does not come out for hours. 

He even has a way of dictating into a microphone and it writes for him too.  Cool.  I have not seen him much in action, I try to give him his space.

Sunday night we arrive back home.  My foot and ankle swollen from a 3.6 mile hike with Laura up to lower Wallace Falls in Gold Bar, WA.  Of course about 1/2 way in it started giving me trouble, but I could not give up.  It was so beautiful out there.

Anyway, we get home and Scott places an icepak on my foot and ankle.  He tells me that he really must call his family.  Yes, I agree, I tell you that almost every weekend.  Why are you telling me this tonight when they are already asleep?

Well... I finally set up the voicemail on the new phone, he tells me.  And they are trying to get ahold of me. (Really??!!)..

 I realize, Eeeeeek I have not done that yet either. I still have no clue if anyone has left me a message.  Damn new technology.  Don't get me wrong, I love the new Iphone, it is just that with the lame phone, I just pushed the 1 key until my messages came up.  Now the NEW phone, it prompts for a password.

- Hey, I never had a password.  So push here to contact AT&T, you push it, it says you must contact your provider directly.  I was by pushing call AT&T?!  What?   (%&(@@$) I gave up.

I love that man to death, but he can get to writing and drawing and lose himself for weeks.

So I do not know where his novel will take him, or how long it will be, will it ever end?  What is happening with the Pontiac?  Answers I just do not know.

 I do know he is happy in there, and he still loves his family (though he is aware how he is not showing it) but he is happy and feeling more fulfilled...and I make sure he eats.

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