Friday, March 29, 2013

Ahhhh. What is up Lately?
Lucy:  She is fat and fine..

Well, he was sick for two days, and back in school today I am guessing. We was back to his old self of obsessive video game playing. Mind you, I limit the nonsense, and he is given the time as a treat after homework or chores, but when he is recovering from being sick, and no homework yet, well (I just remembered to e-mail his teacher for weekend make up if needed). It is hard to say NO to video games, it is my husbands livelihood.
Conrad just made the BLUE belt and will be presented it "officially" soon. Karate is 3 times a week He is taking Bo class as a Karate "Kobudo" Weapons class on Saturdays too. So he takes about 5 hours weekly in Karate Bo combined. Kobudo runs about 10 weeks, then another 10 weeks to a higher level and so on. Conrad wants to be in an advanced class, so he will have to work on it I told him. He loves the weapon class and, as he is a kid that loves playing with large walking type sticks, and now he will be able to learn to handle one, not only in focus, but also in self defense if needed.

Well, he has been working long hours again. His company was bought and now he works for Sony (Playstation) working in programming for video games, they currently are under deadline. For what? I NEVER have a clue, and I rarely see him to even ask about anything work related, just care that his day went well and when we will spend time together. He has worked on some fairly successful games, and we are grateful to not only that we both have employment, but to work in the lovely Eastside and the Pacific Northwest.
Next Saturday the three of us will fly to Maui for the first time. I have been planning this for a year, and Scott would argue that I have been planning this since we got engaged on Kauai, and he would be right. When we dated we took a trip to Kauai and really fell in love with Hawaii and just had a wonderful time together. I made him promise that after 5 years we would come back to Hawaii.
This year in August will be the 5 years - on spring break we will go for a week. Time flies doesn't it?!! Just yesterday I made him promise at our 10 year we will go back to Kauai where we were engaged. WOW, looking forward to that (I think we will go alone that time).
Anyways, I know that once we leave, all of Scott's pressure will disappear and he will truly relax and wind down. Looking ahead to nothing but the sandy beach and him sitting on the deck watching us play below in the pool as he sketches. It will be fantastic!

Mom is fine, to here amazement, I watched an (entire) Alfred Hitchcock movie with her last night. It was a later film actually in color, called the trouble with Harry.  The trouble was that Harry was that he was stumbles upon by several people as he lie in a clearing and all of them thought that they are the ones that "accidentally" killed him.  It is quite light and amusing actually.  I will not ruin the end for you.  A very young Jerry Mathers (You know the Beaver, on Leave it to Beaver if you are from the US about my age this was a regular show just running in many households... ) Also a very young Shirley MacClaine.   I am famous for watching a bit of a movie, getting a card idea, and dashing away to make a card.  She absolutely loved the card that Karin sent her (many thanks).  Or I just get a little irky as my mom tends to spill out bits of the movie, important little bits that really kinda make you say, well I guess you just told me who did it... I am a stickler, I want to find out who "done it" on my own. I forgive her, she gets excited!   Other than this she kindly hung out with Conrad for a the two days he was home sick, and they both lived through it!  Yay!

Well, just making a mess out of my craft room.  Card class is tomorrow and I look forward to it. 
I have been entering card challenges and just doing what inspires me.  I am making efforts to send and mail these cards out... And I am making a list of what I need to send out.  It is long. I will get there.  I sent a card out today to someone that I think really needs one.  A missing you hello. Other than looking forward to spring break vacation, I am just same old, same old...I will post pics of Maui, don't hate me too much, photography is also a great love of mine.  I have been taking pictures since I was about 12.  I didn't get WAY crazy into it, but the love is still there.  I scrapped Kauai in a mini album : CLICK HERE, and just love the pics. The pics don't look the greatest here as I struggled to photograph the album pages, but you get the idea.
 I am sure I will do something similar this time too.

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BrittanyLane said...

Great to read an update. I have all but disappeared from the blogging world these days. Too many good and busy things. Sounds like everyone is happy and well. Your cards are stunning. You really have a talent!