Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter - No Card... Not yet anyways LOL

Just NEWS, of the NON card Variety!

Karate and NEW Pet!

On holidays we call family, and I get ribbed that I don't post family pics here... or updates...oops.
Well, hey...

Here are a few!

Conrad is working his way up in Karate, blue belt and also is taking Kobudo mixed Martial Arts.

He works with a staff and yesterday was his first day of
Sai is a medium hand held weapon that is a "sword breaker"

Conrad must work his way up mastering the staff, and 
the SAI to get
where he wants to work with his weapon of choice, 
which is:
Tonfa is hand held mini handled club sticks

YES, in his class, there is one girl and she is a few years older!

SAI                           TONFA

In other family news, Conrad has a dwarf hamster
and he finally named it after about a week.

This is a funny story, as he was so concerned to name it appropriately for male of female.
Let's start with how we went about this venture...
So we were at the pet store the last 20 minutes, of course we decided before we left the house, we are just going to get all the research and cost and care into.  Scott knows we are going so close to the store closing for the night.  He says, we are "NOT" buying tonight.  I looked at him quizically.  Ok, we all agreed.  So if you know my husband, he really goes with the flow and does not say no, not without good reason. And we know we want all the info so... ok.
Knowing this, I had to say to Scott about three times, just before we go into the store - "We are just 
looking right?!!"     "Yes", he says.  Ok, we all agreed.
So after looking and pricing everything we need the sales guy says,  "So we buying tonight?, 
Scott says, "YES!"
what, I look at him, trying to regain the united front of "just getting the info"
He repeats "YES!"
So we scramble in the shop, get it all and go home happily...
But after a few days, I realize, we have no idea what the sex is..
I call the store up, they have no idea, I am like "You guys don't keep track?  Well, there was only one, so no..I say ok,.
I tell Conrad I will take care of this.  We look on the internet and get the hints, see this guy or gal is so tiny, like a dwarf hamster, at least this one, is smaller than a mouse..
So I get the hints, and determine 89% surety it is a girl.

So he tells me the next day, after much thought, 

Her name is.....
Ta-da is 

hello Miss Wiggles!
I laugh, Wiggles is like a unisex name.....

Peace out everyone, 
Happy Easter!!


~amy~ said...

Yay for Conrad working his way up in Karate! it!

Shannon J said...

Welcome to the fam Wiggles!!! And so awesome that Conrad is working toward his goal! Good for him!!! Happy Easter to you too, Kimberly!

Jane said...

Great story! Love that your hubby is such a soft touch.

cm said...

What a flippin' awesome post! Conrad's progress in karate is nothing short of impressive! Commitment, perseverance, not to mention being 'athletic', wow and wow! Good on him for reaching for his goal; he'll be successful for sure! Now, the Wiggles story is sheer delight! Scott's "no" to "yes" in apparently one relatively easy step is just too funny (and sweet! He sounds like a doll). Wiggles is one lucky hamster to be welcomed into a home where love abounds! Hugs~c