Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Another MUSE Christmas Visions Card!

Hello Again...

I have a FUN
 "Tongue in Cheek"
card for MUSE CV today!

I attended Heather Campbell's
card class at IMPRESS over the
weekend, and I am so hooked, 
besides, I got to see some of the 
the new release,..
 Woot Woot..

I sure hope that you will....


Now my friends...it is YOUR turn to get crafty!
Thanks for coming by my blog!

Create, Enjoy
Live, Laugh


  1. Love and laugh...I hope you get sunshine!

  2. This is as cute as it gets.....so in love with your amazing holiday wreath!

  3. Such a fun take on your own MCV card, Kimberly! Love it!
    I would love some sunshine for Christmas as well, and here on Crete (Greece) it may very well happen too. Last Christmas was the coldest we've experienced here, but the year before, we had lunch out on the porch.

  4. Hahahahahahaha!! What a great Christmas card, Kimberly!!! I have friends and family in Florida and Arizona who would so totally love this card. You are just brilliant!! Fun, fun card. Bev

  5. You did NOT. Too funny to see a cactus wreath decorated with flamingos!

  6. Great take on your own inspiration Kimberley - a real fun card


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