Sunday, September 4, 2011

And finally home....

This is an epic light saber battle!
Before we headed home Conrad and his cousin Aiden got to play in the front yard.  They really had a blast.

Some of the photos they wanted to "pose" in an awesome battle scene for me..
This is a pic of Aaron & Christine's home on Spokane.  It is a lovely old house large and spacious.  They recently had the back deck redone, and red trim painted on the gables.  In Aaron's after work time as an electrical engineer, he built this playhouse.  It has the feel it was always there due to the cool stain glass windows that he re - appropriated from a garden shed he promised to make Christine, to the play tree-house.  He explained that all he has to do is take off the footings, lower the house and it can become her potting shed.  I looked, he was right..  He is a genius that way.
Shots of the Silverwood park.  Christine holding Ian on the Carousel.  Little cousin Ian watching as the boys ride a kids ride.  They were just short enough to ride the smaller kid's ride like the planes and copter rides.  Next year, they will have to ride bigger rides.

The boys playing at a play area, and still more little kids rides.

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