Sunday, September 18, 2011

A fun weekend...

Later in the day Saturday we went to Skate King so Conrad and "Z" could practice skating.  Even though they go to different schools, they both have a school Skate King event next week.  Now they will both have some practice.  Below is when we took a break from skating and had some snacks and they put quarters in the toy vending  machines.  They both got candy and Conrad got a fake mustache. 
Just being silly goofballs!

We saw the wonderful Installation of James McDaniel.  Vintage black and whites at Omega Photos on Saturday.  Found film and negatives produce a wonderful wall scape of history and intrigue.  In every photo, like a "Where's Waldo," is a hidden - or not so hidden - camera!  Very nice.  Each grouping tell a story that draws you in and you see interesting details that really hold you suspended in time. 


Thanks Liz & James, it was wonderful!

Scott has an old camera and ordered film as we got caught up in the excitement of picture taking.

Conrad wanted to dress up.  He is wearing a stylish tie, white oxford, and some nice black jeans.  I got him a few different sets of nice clothes and ties so when we went to the WKA (Conrad's Karate Dojo) 45th celebration banquet at the Bellevue Athletic Club, that he could look nice if he wanted to.  And he likes dressing up, so it worked out great.

Little view around our main bathroom. The new thing here is the Rain Shower head. I found one 60% off at Target when I was buying some more washcloths.
I found at a thrift sore some cute little egg shaped soaps, and you know what----they had the initial K on them ...BONUS!
They go really well with the birdie blackboard that I display by the sink that remins us all to brush, wash, floss & smile!
Little view around our main bathroom.   I came home and Scott put the shower head right in, in less than 5 minutes! He is so great... Excitement. I can't wait to use it.
Little vignette's of our bedroom.  On my night stand there is a cool photo that Carolyn took on a trip up here where we were sitting on a ferry and Scott napped against my shoulder.

I have alot of keepsake items stuck on a memory board on Scott's little dresser.
A very old pic of me when I was half my size..

This is also my favorite pic of Scott at our wedding.  So GQ, looks like he is modeling the tux instead of being the groom.
Okay!  We got a NEW KING bed.  And the comforter Scott's family gave us as a wedding gift is lovingly on the new bed.  Here it is!  Sears had a 60% off sale, and since we had been looking, debating, crunching the numbers, we got a great bed at Sears.

We try to play a board game or have a family movie night every week.  This week it is LIFE Indiana Jones.  It was pretty fun.  Though it was un nerving how I would look over and see that the eyes on the box were following me. Indie was staring a me the entire time, what a rascal!

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