Sunday, September 25, 2011

This Weekend September 24 & 25th 2011

Headed for an overnight to Leavenworth to celebrate moms birthday tomorrow.
She wanted to see the countryside and the leaves turning.
The 59'er Diner on Highway 2

 They boast world famous milkshakes.  We bought some tiny tot milkshakes.  Any they were pretty awesome.  And the curly fries rocked.
 We stayed at the Beaver Valley Lodge.  It was really clean and beautiful.  Rooms with all new material construction.  The toilet, (important feature) was a quiet non running one.  Love that.  It was very quiet there.  The was a general store, hardware store and cafe.  Kinda cultish atmosphere, with all the buildings with the same theme and color scheme, kinda like "too farmy" trying too hard to be picture perfect, but it worked.  I didn't see any stepford farmhouse wives, just regular folk.
I napped for a little, mom & Conrad played scrabble.  The room had all these games.  Pretty cool. And the tv was on the cartoon network when we turned it on.. Eeerie.  The dead bambi above the table made mom (lover of all nature) sit back, but then she forgot about it.

 Conrad and I roamed Leavenworth a little.  The Old Tyme Photos was closed.
 Leavenworth murals are cool.  Leavenworth is pretty picture perfect too.  But since it is known for the Bavarian Ales -- if you stay later you see drunken fools, so the overall picturesque dream is shattered.  That is why we stayed out of town.  And we only visit town in the early morning before it gets busy.
 We had breakfast at the Old Sawmill Cafe.  Old photos everywhere and cute Cowgirl and cowboy motif.  Darn tooting great flapjack's are now in my top 3 of all time.  Worth going there for.  Though mom was disappointed that there were no banana pancakes.
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