Monday, March 5, 2012

Help at the market

This weekend was low key.  We loaded up the truck Saturday and made a trip to donate.  Boxes of Christmas items were placed in the mudroom that were in the dining room, and the entire front room and dining room was dusted and cleaned from top to bottom. 
Conrad spent the afternoon at his friends.  Scott and I watched an age appropriate movie, and had a secret stash of ice cream, being kidless for a few hours,  this is what you do.  You put on a movie too racy for a 9yr old, and smile and giggle at each other like we are getting away with something.  It was bliss.

Sunday I napped most of the day and for an early dinner we all went to the Olive Garden for a really relaxing meal.  We took our time and ate the meal slow and had a very enjoyable family dinner.  I was craving their salad you see.  And I did manage to eat a lot of it.

Later this evening I dragged myself up off the chair to go shopping.  One thing I do not enjoy is food shopping.  Things cost so much nowadays.
And doesn't everything look so good when you are shopping?

My little market helper. Cart pusher, list holder, and all around bag toter.
Here he is being silly, and I had my camera right in my pocket.  I was pleased this quick snapshot turned out, if it didn't I was surely NOT going to ask him to pose again. 
The quicker we are out of the market - the better I always say.

I hope your weekend was very relaxing and nice too!

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