Thursday, March 1, 2012

Atlantis Ride!

We went on this super fast water toboggan type ride at Sea World called the Atlantis

I was behind Conrad and Scott.  After this boat plunges straight down, it lazily meanders to the back of the ride and is then brought up by an elevator type thing.  At this point I realize maybe the ride isn't really over yet.

When the ride is over and we are getting our items from the locker, Scott says, I heard you say over and over,  "No, NO, No, No,... I thought you were so excited.

"Oh, Crap no, Scott, I was seriously terrified because I thought the ride was seriously over."
Of course the ride plunges you down again to get you soaking wet!

(Yes, now being at the ripe old age of foryyyyyyishsomething, 9 year old at the hip, my mean streat talk consists of Crap, and don't get Scott really annoyed, he will whip out the "juicebag" quip, that refers to someone cutting us off in traffic and shaving an inch from our lives.  Of course we got this from  the kiddie Capri suns juice boxes that are more like bags, but it is substitute for a really horrible, do not like it word....

Mostly, I just sigh, look around and say Barney Rubble, to nothing and no one in particular.  This just means I am fandangledy tired.
 Conrad loves this one.

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BrittanyLane said...

You are a brave woman. I don't do the toboggan rides. Looks like a big one! We would love to go to Sea World someday.

These days our exclamations are pretty tame as well. The kids know it's bad when mom lets out "POOP!" from the kitchen. Rylan tends to repeat that one, so try to stick to "oh no!" and "Dang IT!" Brandon had a potty mouth in his day, but holds it together now for the sake of the kids.