Monday, March 5, 2012


                           Today was a whirlwind when I got home. 

Conrad misplaced a password to the online homework he needed to do, so we spent almost an hour coming through the recycle, and yes, the trash, and a box of papers before we found it.  As I was combing through the recycle papers, mom called up and said her cat Lucy needed to go to the vet.  Of course chicken was cooking in the oven, and boyscouts was within the hour, Scott wasn't home yet, so essentially I was frantic not knowing who was going to do what.  I found an emergency vet hospital that is after hours and open all night right here in Kirkland.  So it was decided once Scott came home.  Dinner just happened to be ready, Scott walks in the door, and all is well.

Scott took Conrad to boyscouts while I took mom and the cat to the vet.

This morning Conrad went in for his 6 month dental check up.
Absolutely no cavities. 
 So he got a "High Five" from us.
"High Five" Pad from Knock Knock.
I just absolutely ADORE Knock Knock Products!!! 

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