Thursday, May 3, 2012

Be a Daymaker

On a radio show I listen to, I heard Bob Rivers (KJR) talk about how me met a wonderful hair designer that made his day.  She talked about a book out called Life as a Daymaker: How to change the world by making someone's day. I was interested.  I have always been thoughtful, as some would say.  Others say I should not put the effort.  I would say that being thoughtful and unable to judge a situation for what is it, are two different things.  I know I can be thoughtful without enabling. 

More to come....

 I know someone that loves Lilacs.  That same person and I share a love for pumpkin bread.  Sometimes she has made pumpkin bread and has thoughtfully brought extra to give me a slice.  It really made my day.  So when I remembered that she loved lilacs, I brought her a bouquet along with tulips from my yard. 
Anonymous said...

I love this concept! Thanks so much for sharing the link. I'll be checking it out for sure! I've always loved the idea of "random acts of kindness." Hope you have a great weekend! ~Jennifer

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