Monday, May 7, 2012

New Toilet!

I must say that my husband REALLY loves me!  He installed a new toilet in the main bathroom.  I am ecstatic.  Months and months of jiggling the handle, listening to it run, jiggling it more...and just overall nuisance of the thing was wearing on us all.  The inner bowl was stained when we bought the house, and I thought that the discoloration would come out with bleach.  No, the stain is from it being scratched up, which would never look clean. So frustrating.

For my birthday, Scott gifted me a "yard/plant allowan$e" to have the front yard done.  After selecting a landscape yard service that did a house a street over, getting their card, having a quote, I was left without calls the two days that were scheduled and the third day after a strange excuse, I told the man that he needn't worry about it, I will hire another service. 

Of course by this time, the yard had grown to jungle proportions. 
Luckily Sunday was very sunny and I was able, with help from Conrad, to tackle it myself.  I didn't buy and spread bark, I just raked the ground cover "refreshing" it around the plants.  Looks fine enough.  There is enough left over remnants for it to look decent.

With the savings of doing it myself, I bought a new toilet.
And I will see about getting a quote for barking the entire yard front and back, instead of just the front. We will see.

(I am pooped!)
BrittanyLane said...

A new toilet AND a plant allowance? Can it get any better than that?!? Good luck with the yard. Bark makes a world of difference. We used to put weed barrier under bark in all our flower beds. No more weeding evah! woot!!

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