Saturday, May 12, 2012

WKA Tournament 05/12/12 - 1st Place 9yr old Kata

One year ago, Conrad and I came to support his friend at this annual Karate Tournament.  Little did we know that I would sit and get teary eyed as a year later Conrad would bring home 1st place in his Kata division. So proud my heart ached as I saw him perform a strong and powerful Kata.  I just knew he nailed it! 
What a great day!

Lynnwood, WA Edmond Community College Seaview Gym

44th Washington State International Karate Championships
Alright, nudge, nudge, it is time to go get on the mats!


Beginning to start warm ups

Going full guns

Looking forward to it

My Kata: Kion Kata Yuon

WOW!  I won 1st Gold in my Kata, COOL!

This is neat.

BrittanyLane said...

Great work Conrad! It must feel great to see all that hard work paying off.

wienerhoneymooners said...

Thanks!! He has been working hard. The first 8 months Conrad averaged 6.5 hours a week. Now we are at only 4 hours a week. (we cut out weekends, and only do two 2 hour classes wed 7 thurs. Once he graduates to his orange belt, very soon, he will be doing kumite classes (fighting). This is what he prefers. They are trained to pull back on the punches, so it is very controlled training.

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