Wednesday, February 22, 2012


At a thrift shop a few months ago I bought a vintage chandelier.  I thought I could clean it up, or maybe sell it.  okay, after a month or so of it sitting around, I knew I just wouldn't get to it.  I only paid $19.99.  Yes, only $20.  The funny thing is, at another thrift store was the twin to the one I just bought, however they were wiser, the price tag on that one was $129.99.  I passed. 

This story is going somewhere...I promise.

At Christmas-time I bought some cool ornaments at a shop called Common Folk, and I saw this hanging above the register.  Wouldn't you know it was the exact same chandelier.  When I saw the price tag, I thought, you know, maybe they would be interested in mine... So I left my name and number. When we returned from vacation, I got a call from them, and tonight I sold the chandelier.

No, I didn't make bank.  But I kinda want my foot in the door as I have a few other items that I know they will want that I just (seriously) won't get around to fixin' up.

I bought a vintage patio chair for 4.99, really ornate but cool too...and of course, want to fix it up too.. They had one there like it, and maybe they would be interested in it too.. I've got just so much stuff.  I have good stuff. And I only want to part with stuff that I know I won't get around to-it as a project.  Frankly my husband has so many hunny-do's that I need to minimize them. 

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BrittanyLane said...

Good for you! Man, I need some serious de-junking around here too. We got rid of about half of our stuff before moving here, and I honestly can't tell anything is gone. I need to get rid of at least another few truckloads. Where does it all come from???