Sunday, February 26, 2012

The last few days......

I got my haircut.  Really short in the back, and tapered on the sides angled to my face an longer in the front.  Kind of a "mod" style.  I like it.  Conrad says he liked it before, and Scott says it is really nice.

Was a karate night, I found a new Black T at Fred Meyer to wear Friday night at 70% off the last clearance price.  And a paid of clearance shoes for Conrad when he blows out the side of his current pair, which is inevitable.

Dinner with Kerry and Rob at John Howie Steakhouse at the Bravern in Bellevue.  Good food and company!

Filet Mignon "Oscar" style with asparagus, bearnaise and lobster
 Cheesecake round cream fraiche, with a hint of lemon
 seafood bisque shots
Twice baked three cheese potater
 blueberry pomegranate (?) sorbet trio

 Apparently the "dolling" up I did  - did me in.  I now have issues wearing eyeliner makeup I never had before.  Serious issues.  I got an allergic reaction and Scott drove me to urgent care with flaming swollen demon red eyes.  And afterwards all day I had to take all the precautions of pink eye contagion, so it is a royal pain, and painful.

 Conrad's little play buddy down the street came and spent the day. Scott went and had lunch with Rob.
 I didn't play any games with the boys this time, but I did take them to a movie, mom too.  The boys sat away from us adults. We saw "Journey2 : The Secret Island."  I think it was well paced and pretty good.  A good family film.   It was 3 D so I was happy to hide behind black glasses.
What is it with me having issues... Not to complain, but really?  It is hard enough that I am now lactose intolerant, cannot digest certain cheeses (at all), am allergic to almost all antibiotics (seizures/hives/vomiting/fevers)   --I know g---gross!!!!
 My makeup is turning on me (allergic conjunctivitis), and I have to have free & clear laundry soap and static sheets too (rash/hives), ... However the worst is not being able to comfortably eat chocolate.   I seriously  cannot have even 5 M&M's without gut wrenching pain shooting all over in the middle of the night and nauseous to the point of passing out. 

Enough belly aching...

Scott was so wonderful to make the food for tomorrow's Blue and Gold Scouts Potluck.
A large pot of rice a roni, and a crock pot of pork for BBQ pull pork.  Thanks honey!

After the movie at the Redmond Bella Botega Theatre, we headed for lunch.  We saw the Wienermobile at the Redmond QFC.. Same place Scott and I had our pics taken.. I got the boys.. Cute huh!

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BrittanyLane said...

cute cute cute hair! I'm so sorry about the allergy/food intolerance problems. I've also had past issues with antibiotics and they are extremely scary. I hope you can get them figured out. I come from a family with a long history of food issues and I know how frustrating it can be. Hang in there!

p.s. The food looks fantastic. Totally jealous.