Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday 2.12.12

Scott razzes me all of the time that I do not take pictures of me and I am"missing" from events.  Ok, I admit it..  I am not fond of my image particularly.  It is not a bad image really.  I just don't think that I am all that photogenic.  I realize that I am not fair if I am always wanting pictures of others and don't have a few of me....  

This is me today.  So far it is a casual laid back and glasses kind of day. 

 We have returned from breakfast out, and I have the washer humming along downstairs, and the dishwasher swishing away in the background upstairs. My wonderful honey has agreed to take Conrad to Karate in an hour so I can keep up the momentum. I blog in between breaks, but things are seeming to get done and progress is being made.  When they are gone it will be a quiet bliss.

The photo you see above uses 3 different elements.  1) the Today overlay,(DHD Gennifer Bursett "To Date" Pack) 
 2) the Just About Me words, and 3) the flowers digital embellishment.  

Over time I have amassed quite a few digital elements, some I found I have never even opened the zip file folders, and I  have forgotten what is inside. 
So lately I have been spending allot of time organizing items in folders on my computer.  I have one folder labelled Papers, and Word strips, and another ribbons borders and bows.   It is nice to see alike items all in one place to actually see what I have to use.

Well, I deserve getting this reaction most of the time!

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BrittanyLane said...

Cute glasses. :) I always forget to include pictures of myself as well. One year I remember looking through my archives looking for a single picture of myself and couldn't find ONE. It's easier to be the face BEHIND the camera sometimes.