Saturday, February 11, 2012

Last weekend was really pretty un eventful.  I was feeling under the weather and slept almost all of Saturday.  Sunday I dropped the old Jeep off at the detailers for Scott.  Of course it happened to be super bowl Sunday.  So of course the extractor "broke" and we had to bring it back another time..  They laughed (and looked down sheepishly) when we went in to pick it up and I said that it sounded like "Superbowl-itis"

This Saturday:
We were able to take Conrad to see his dad today.  We could only spend a few hours on that side of the water.  So a drive over, some time shopping, and lunch, and it was quickly time to come back home. I do wish I had more time to see others.  I drive by Silverdale where my friend Donna lives.  Also the way to dad and Diane's.  And Kevin and Theron's too. 

 A late lunch at JJ's Fish House on the Poulsbo waterfront hit the spot.
Cute photo op with JJ's fish.

Mom enjoys the Halibut and Chips.
My sister Laura enjoys them too.
Okay, so we all got the halibut and chips.. They were totally awesome.
Conrad, well he loved the lemons.
Ooooh, best fish and chips for a long while.
Happy faces

smiles for daddy

My sister plays games with Conrad
Fortune from Friday.

 view at Similan Thai.  The restaurant down the hill from work.
Murals all over the walls, throughout the floors.
Mural by my seat.
Crabs at my feet.
Phad Kee Mao is fat noodles with chicken and I add seafood.  I just love seafood.
Especially Calimari
The cool sink in the Thai restaurant. 

Saturday Morning: Breakfast reading. Calvin and Hobbes
Picking him up from school, he shows me how they play with the Pokeman cards in the schoolyard.

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