Sunday, August 11, 2013

STAY Tuned: COMING TUESDAY Special Artist Feature!!!

Stay tuned for Tuesday @ 8:00 AM PST!
Are there artists out there that you want to know more about?  
Sure there are!

Me too!!!

Join me Tuesday @ 8:00am
 when I have a feature Q & A with a very special artist!

I know you will know her, and you will REALLY
WANT to be here to learn more about her!

Can you GUESS who it is?
Shannon J said...

Oooooh, I can not wait for this! I love learning more about our friends and mentors! SO cool that you are doing this! I will be checking in for sure! Hmmmmmm, a guess?? Well, just because I know you're both from the PNW, I'm going to guess Julie Ebersole?????

Michelle said...

Who? Who?
I'm not very good at guessing. :(
I have to work tomorrow, but I'll check back and see who the mystery guest is. I'm curious!

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