Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Special Guest Artist Feature!

Special Guest Artist Feature!

Today I am going to do something a little different!
I am having a GUEST Artist Feature!

When you play a lot of card challenges, like I do, after awhile you get to know others that enter the same types of challenges.  You start to see their styles shine.  You end up posting back and forth and really begin to appreciate the evolution of their work.

There is one artist that has particularly caught my eye.  She has only been blogging since January of this year!  Can you believe it?
I think if you have ever seen her work, you would at least remember at least one piece that stands out for you as her pieces are truly memorable!!

Do you know who she is?

Deepti has a bold lively style that is both colorful and so creative!  She regularly implements he own flair by hand drawing most images she uses on her cards!
 You got that right, man oh man, she is super talented.

In my recent post for CASology, the CUE Picnic had visions I associate with the word, picnic baskets. the 4th of July, and warm summer days.  The 4th of July and picnic basket struck a light going off and I suddenly remembered some cool cards of Deepti's (see the posts below) where she hand drew a box of fireworks, and also a very accurately detailed basket of yarn.  I was intrigued by these cards that they left a lasting impression.  And so much so,  that I decided, this is my time to put down the stamps for a post and give hand drawn a go.  It has been years since I studied art, and I can't remember the last time I drew anything.  Really?   Has it been that long, I queried...Yes it has.

Here is where I was inspired to pick up a pen this time!

Fireworks: Dee's Art Utopia: SENDING warm wishes post
Yarn Basket: Dee's Art Utopia:  CELEBRATE post

So I thought is would  just be great to even further my post by having a little Q&A with the artist so anyone who is not familiar with her work can get to know her a little more, and visit her blog to see more of her work!

COOL huh!  So here is how it went:

Kimberly's Q: Thank you so much for taking the time to have this little artist feature with me, I am so thrilled to get to know you, and share this with other fans, or soon to be fans!

Deepti:  First of all, thank you Kimberly for being such an adorable admirer and for featuring me on your blog's Guest Artist Feature :) I am glad to be here :)

  I was born in India and grew up in a sweet little family with my parents and elder brother. I was a nerdy kind, devoted to studies and did two master degrees in science and business. I worked as a Senior Program manager in the Department of Academics in a Management Institute, also taught graduate and post graduate students.
Then got married in 2011 and moved to Cleveland, USA. My husband, Vikas has been in USA for almost 13 years and that helped me a lot in adjusting and settling in a new country :) He is also the one who has supported me a lot in pursuing my hobbies and also promotes me to consider the possibility of a career in arts n creativity which I have always been passionate about.

Kimberly's Q:  Deepti, how long have you been crafting?

Deepti:  Crafting initially started as school projects but then was left out in pursuing studies and career. It was after my wedding that I started on with my hobby of charcoal sketching  but paper crafting started from January 2013 when I made new year cards for family which led me to Pinterest then to Paper crafts magazine which led to Moxie Fab World and finally to the blog land. I am hooked, ever since.

Kimberly's Q:  Where do you get your inspiration - and what designers really "speak" to you as an artist ?
Deepti:  I draw my inspiration from any and everything around me from birds and flowers to TV and web :)
I love the work of all the designers who have a CAS style :) not that I am not attracted to other styles but CAS really speaks to me :) I cannot name any one artist in specific coz every crafter has something unique in their work that you can learn from :)

Kimberly's Q:   What are your "go to" favorite craft supplies or tool?
Deepti:  My favorite craft supplies are scissors, craft knife, glues, inks and markers. I love to draw and create my own elements in the card and these supplies are necessary to achieve it :)

Kimberly's Q:  Is anyone else in your family artistically inclined  - or where do you draw your passion for being creative?  
Deepti:  My father has an excellent hand in art mainly sketching, my mom has an excellent hand in embroidery, knitting and stitching and my brother is amazing at photography ... So I guess creativity is in our blood  :)

Kimberly's Q:  The creative process can be time consuming at times, how do you balance your family time and your art?
Deepti:  Creative process is indeed time consuming but at the same time it's relieving and whenever I do something creative I am always flooded with a lots of energy to do the rest of the chores :) besides I keep my weekends free to spend with my husband, friends and family

Kimberly's Q:  Do you have any helpful Tips or Hints to share?
Deepti:  My only tip is to enjoy what you do coz you will always create a master piece if you enjoy your work.

Kimberly's Q: What part of your art do you find the most challenging? 
Deepti:  Every project that I pick up is challenging to begin with but in the end... It gets done :) but if I were to be specific then the most challenging part (in a positive sense) of my art is to experiment with  new techniques and coming up with something newer and better :)

Kimberly's Q: What part of your art do you find the most rewarding or fun?
Deepti:  The most rewarding part is the smile that I get when I give cards to my loved ones and of course when people admire my work :)

Kimberly's Q:  Is there a particular piece that you have made that you are especially proud of or that is your favorite?
Deepti:  There are actually two projects that I am proud of :)

Deepti's Artwork:  (I have also linked them back to her original full posts):

 Images posted with permission of artist:

Kimberly's Q:  Is there anything else that you want to share?
Deepti:   I am thankful to Kimberly and everyone who appreciates my work, takes out time to visit my blog and leave their lovely comments :) I am delighted to have met so many new friends through the blog who have the same interests as me and who are a great source on inspiration to me.

I look forward to a long creative journey with everyone :)

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope that you have had as much fun as I did!
If you click below, the link will take you to Deepti's blog so you can see what she is working on right now!

Jen W. said...

Awesome feature, Kimberly! I love Deepti's work and hopefully now even more people will see it!

Ardyth said...

Great idea Kimberly! Deepti is definitely talented with a unique beautiful style that I really admire!

Deepti said...

Thank you so much Kimberly :) I am sooooo delighted to read all that you wrote about me. I am more happy to know that my cards inspired you to create one of your own :) Thanks again

Tenia Nelson said...

Awesome feature and Deepti's work in soooooo AWESOME!! :)

Tracey McNeely said...

What a fantastic post about Dee! I too am such a fan of her work but also of her incredible kindness and sweetness. She is crazy talented!

Shannon J said...

Just such a fantastic idea to feature an artist! And an artist she certainly is (as are you!) - it was so nice to "meet" Deepti!

~amy~ said...

awesome new feature! It was fun to read about Deepti!

Barb Ghig said...

How nice of you to feature Deepti in your post! I've admired her gorgeous cards and amazing drawings for some time, so it was fun to learn more about her...she is such a sweet person, too!

Michelle said...

Thanks for introducing Me to Deepti. (Hi Deepti!). I hadn't seen her work before. Gorgeous!

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Great idea to feature a fellow designer! Dee is so sweet, so talented and so humble! I adore her and her CAS style. She truly is an artist!

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