Tuesday, August 6, 2013

VERVE Stamps SALE!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you ever seen a stamp and HAVE to have it?
Yes, I know how that is.
When I saw this stamp:
I had to have it!
But I did not know where it was from...
In perusing the CASE Study #3 Anniversay Blog Hop, I found that it is the
magic of  POETIC Artistry's
Julee Tillman!
This stamp on sale $2.40
This stamp just spoke to me as I love anything beachy and in my inner imaginings I own a boat!
(though in real life I do not at all)
So of course I got distracted from the Hop or almost an hour as they are having a HUMUNGOUS Sale!
10%  *  20% *  30% * 40% ---> AND EVEN 50% OFF!!!
BLESS you to all those that post the supplies
 ( I try my best, tho I admit not all posts have the supply list.)
I trust if you want to know, just ask me, I will storm my craft studio just to find it for you!
Money is always to be stretched when we can, so a great sales, is news to be spread, especially when she had HOT trendy designs!
VERVE Stamps SALE!!!!!!!!!!!
VERVE Stamps SALE!!!!!!!!!!!
VERVE Stamps SALE!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Have you ever seen a stamp and HAVE to have it?"....Guilty as charged!! I have to say Kimberly if i had seen that gorgeous stamp i would have had to have had it too(and may have pushed you aside to grab it LOL)that is such a gorgeous stamp-and it is so very true :)
Have a great day,Nessa xx

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