Tuesday, March 4, 2014

CASology CUE Card #85: Carnival!

CASology : Carnival!

Carnival, Circus, Fair!
Wow, it means bright colors, posters, and tickets to ride,
Fun games, clowns, balloons!

Little known fact: Kimberly once went to Venice all by herself for 3 days for Italian 
Martedi de Grasso Carnevale
No, she does not speak the language.
I figured I was single, and was single for some time.  
I finally made up my mind that I did not need a man to do things 
I always wanted to do.  
So I did them.
(YAY me!)

The sunrise over St. Marks Square was breathtaking.
Gondolas swaying gently. At sunrise is when the fabulous costumes are out being photographed.

I went to Europe 3 or 4 times.
My brother was in the Air Force and was stationed in Belgium, Naples, and the Netherlands.  
They were wonderful trips.

---------Below, if you want to stick around.. I show you some of my Venice pics ['04]!

First My Cards of Course!!!!

CASology, how I adore you!
I hope you are inspired and can share this week to!

Studio G Stamp
Bakers Twine, MME Enamel Dots
Memento Tuxedo Black

And here, lighting was not my friend on the next 2 cards, 
I guess I am glad it worked that way, 
because it enabled me to make the card above, which
I think kicks some card booty!

I am not always pleased with my creations.
But when I LOVE 
them I'll let you know!

I do love this ticket embossing folder though!
I do not know the name of it.
It was hanging from a peg at last summer's
Scrapbooking Craft Convention..I would guess it is Darice.

I really hope that my cards and the cards of the Design Team 
this week, along with the wonderful Guest Designer 
will have you rushing to make a card!
(That is what happens to me!)

Join us at CASology this week!
CASology SPECIAL Guest Designer 
This week is:  Jasleen

Kimberly Wiener- You are here!!!

And I just wanted to let my CASology teamies know 
how much it means to have their awesome support, 
kind words, 
and encouragement.

This card is for you!

--Okay, are you ready for a whole lot of photos?
Warning, if you have never been to Italy, this will make you ache to go to Venice!

Secret, if you plan to go to Venice during the Carnevale, 
book way ahead, stay on the square if you can, 
and if you want to see these types of costumes, you MUST be up just before sunrise and head to the water.  
Professional photographers will be there...... and if you are lucky this is what you will see.

Then, after about an hour, all the exquisitely dressed costumes will quietly disappear, and you will just see less costumes, and certainly not fine ones... and throngs of people.


Ardyth Percy-Robb said...

Oh Wow! Venice looks stunning! I'm so glad you went, even on your own! Good for you! Love your circus card, too - it looks like by opening the card, you're opening the tent flaps!

Irish Cherokee said...

How do you comment on this visual blast. Once I picked myself up off the floor all I could say was WOW. What happened. EVERYTHING IS WONDERFUL. Now I'm exhausted. See you tomorrow morning. LOL. Amazing.


~amy~ said...

definitely kicking card booty on this post and your pictures...I want to go!

Jasleen said...

WOW!!! I liked all your cards here but the one you made for CASology is a stunner!!Amazing pics. Seems you did have a blast in Italy. :)

Meghan said...

Wow! Those pictures are just amazing! You have spunk Kimberly and I like that about you. Your card for this week is pure genius! Those tent flaps are ever-so-perfect!

Shannon J said...

I think all of these kick card booty!! Well, actually I think ALL of your cards do! I can't even imagine that there are some you don't like! Whaaaaattt??!! Love how you decided to just go for it and travel on your own! I actually really love adventures by myself as well - it's liberating and fabulous!!

Keep It Sweet and Simple said...

Fabulous CAS cards.
Love your photos. I have been to Venice - such a magical place - but not during the Carnival. That must be something special.
Caroline xxx

Tenia Nelson said...

Awesome cards, Miss Lady!!! AWESOME photos too.....just AWESOME!!!

Tracey McNeely said...

Venice is on my bucket list and bumped up higher now. Love all your cards Kimberly, love the card you made for the team and of course love you!!

May Park said...

Love all your cards Kimberly!!! You are such a sweet lady, thanks so much for the card you made for the CASology DT. By the way, I was expecting to see the photo of you while going through all the photos you took in Venice. :)

Barb Ghig said...

Firstly, I have to tell you how much I LOVE your cards, Kimberly! Your creativity always amazes and inspires me...thank you so much!

Good for you for going to Venice by yourself! What a wonderful experience to have on your own...WOW! I really love all the photos you shared with us, too...thank you!

Anita in France said...

These are all such fun cards, Kimberly ... my fave's the Circus one ... love those tilted panels and all those gorgeous colours! Awesome photo's of Venice ... way to go doing what you love! Anita :)

Maureen Merritt said...

Holy smokes! So, I couldn't make a card to save my life, and here you were with all the mojo! No fair, LOL! Thanks for sharing all of those stunning photos too!

MichelleZ said...

You are an amazing woman!
Traveling to Europe by yourself? So cool!
And this card.....LOVE it! The composition is fabulous. And I am a huge fan of polka dots.

maria f. said...

Ciao bella!
Came over here cuz your design on your circus card is so outta this world. And then I get such a treat with all the Venice eye candy. TFS. Our version of Carnival here in Germany is less elegant and involves a lot of alcohol!

Stephanie K said...

I am in love with your carnival cards! Very creative!! Your pics from Venice are also stunning!

Karen M said...

Love all your stunning cards Kimberly and thankyou for sharing those amazing photos - Love them! hugs xx

cm said...

Where to begin with the accolades for this breath-taking, gallery of gorgeous post! First, your cards do 'kick booty' in every way! They capture the spirit of carnival with style and panache! Second, your spirit of adventure is marvelous! I'm not a solo-traveler (yep, call me anxiety queen!), so your willingness and initiative to explore new ventures on your own only adds to my absolute 'awe' of all you do! Venice..oh, Venice. Yes, I've been, but not during the festival season. I was, however, in Madrid, years ago, during Easter, and we saw some of the most amazing costumes; the same when my brother and I traveled to France (two Tour de France themed trips), in the small city of Annecy. You've brought back some amazing memories. I love this post! Hugs~c

Sue Lelli said...

FABULOUS cards! Great colors and designs! And your Venice photos are Breath taking! YEAH YOU for not waiting for a man to do Wonderful things like go to Venice!

Anonymous said...

Kim, this was a glorious post--I MUST FIND THAT TICKET EMBOSSING FOLDER AND STAMPS!! OMG! Seriously, I have been shopping around for ticket related dies/stamps that I like. Yours showcased here, are, um, just the ticket-- I know, so bad, so, so bad. What is not so bad are those pics of Venice. My grandfather was born in Verona. Still haven't been. If I don't keep buying stamps, I can save for Europe. Hope you are well!! xo

Judy1223 said...

Kimberly...where to begin!?! Your cards? ALL amazing! Love that ticket embossing folder and the circus stamp is perfect for the cue! The sweet card for your teammies? PRECIOUS! (And thanks!) Yor Venice pictures are AWESOME and brought back so many happy memories for me (I was there back in the early 90's). What gorgeous costumes! THEY know how to do it! Thanks for such an enjoyable post!

Joyce said...

What a treat my visit to your blog is today. First of all, all of your cards are just fab. You totally went overboard on carnival cards, and I love them all. Especially the last one, for your teamies. And, I just loved seeing all your Venice pictures. I went there in 96 on my honeymoon, and then again in the spring of 12 with my family. Not during Carnival, though that would have been fun. Your photos are gorgeous, and they make me want to go back a third time. Yay for you for doing things on your own. I also married late, and did a heck of a lot before that!

Katie Ann Brooks said...

Saw this cue card and it made me smile. Your cards are all lovely! The one with the angles is my FAVE! Your Italy pics are wonderful!

aileen (mum) said...

Loved your cards, they have me inspired. The other photos just brilliant, what a wonderful experience. Thank you so much for sharing. A sight I would love love love to see.

Gillian R said...

Oh wow wow wow Kimberley, your cards are gorgeous and I love your photos from Venice, so beautiful