Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday First thing's First - Sketch it Saturday SNEAK PEEK!

Friday First thing's First - Sketch it Saturday SNEAK PEEK!

=======Friday First things First!

Happy Friday!

It is time for First thing Friday!
Anyone who follows me in the sidebar, 
I will feature you on a Friday Post.
I will go check out your blog and list a feature, 
post, or a card that I found interesting.
(I will follow you too!)

I have an amazing new follower this week!

Tam Hess! - or Card Making Artists and also  
She made the absolute cutest card for CASology for the Carnival cue [HERE]
Check out here cute collage creations [here]
Thanks Tam for joining up here,
and I hope you get inspired!

===========and now for============
Here is a SNEAKY PEEK for tomorrow's 
Sketch it Saturday Post

Also I am in a Monthly Card club event this Sunday!
Here are the cards I designed.  
I did them awhile ago, and you will recognize them, 
I did redesign the Northwest card to be more Card Club friendly
 (faster drying ink).
The original event day had to be rescheduled,
it was the only day of a snowfall that did last long, 
but long enough to cancel an hour drive South.

And this card has reversible Stampin' up!
paper where I show the card one way, 
and then done if you flip the panel the other side.
Preference really!

Have Fun Crafting, and 
JOIN me tomorrow 
for another 
"Sketch it Saturday"


Shannon J said...

Sneaky peeky looks awesome (and I know it will be!) - love the colours!! And your cards for card club...ahhhh, your group is so lucky to have you at the helm!!!

~amy~ said...

I wanna join your card your cards and that coffee set!

cm said...

Oh, those lucky gals who get to craft with you! I want to join in, too! All three of your class-cards: fabulous! As for your sneaky peek (I've already seen the full reveal, so I know how stunning it is) has piqued my interest! It's so much fun when you give us these little teasers...Hugs~c