Monday, March 17, 2014

Liebster.....What Really?

Liebster.....What Really?

Wow, still surprised that Penny Ward - of Penny Ward, Inc.  
Nominated me for the Leibster Award.

Still in SHOCK....LOL..

Liebster Award is nominated for bloggers that you admire, 
it is all about perusing blogs, betting to know crafty new friends for 
bloggers that have less than 200 followers.

This award is all about getting to know new crafty friends and perusing their blogs for new ideas and to get your mojo into high gear.
Part of the process is to answer a few questions about yourself, then to select a few blogs I visit and nominate them (thus ...... paying it forward ).

I was asked to answer these questions:

1. Tell me your favorite three supplies you use most?

I LOVE double sided foam tape!
Memento Tuxedo Black, or my go to Brilliance Graphite Black

2.   How long have you been making cards?

Always. Though just in the last 6 years posting them.
I have been collecting rubber stamps since I was 17 years old and a rubber stamp store opened Poulsbo, WA.  I do not know how many I have, a room full.....
  I will say when I downsized, I sent 3 large boxes FULL to charity last year.

3.   What do you do with all the cards you make?

I sent them out, sell them at work and sort them as gifts.

4.  What is your favorite technique to use when making cards?

Stamping, some die cutting.I like sponging and stenciling alot!

5. What are your favorite color combo's to use?

Aqua, with yellow, and BLACK with almost everything!!

6. How long and what inspired you to start blogging?

I started in 2006 when my husband and I got engaged.  My husband's family is all in Missouri, ALL of them.  I started the blog "Wienerhoneymooners" as we were planning our wedding and honeymoon and his family could check in on all the plans we were making in Washington so they could feel a part of it.
Just in the last few years it has morphed into just my cards and photos.

I belong to a card club, and I tried googling a Halloween card idea.. WOW, a whole new world opened up.
I saw this card
by Bev of Happy Dance!


I followed it back to where it came from, saw challenges,
and then I began to get up my courage, 
and I entered a few cards. 
 I followed mostly CASology and I have been here since I was accepted to be on the DT , 
which I am still humbly thankful, grateful, and eternally surprised that I am greeted with open arms to share my ever evolving gifts with you all.
7. How does your family handle your craftiness?  Do they approve?
My husband is the absolute best ever!  He is so supportive!

 I would like to nominate some very special 

blogs/bloggers/friends for this award also:

Michelle's creations are a wonderland of delight !

Katie diecuts like no other, and questions of the day are so lighthearted you always want to come back day after day!!

Deepti inks like a dream!

4) Shannon Jones - Chuchee Chu
Shannon does CUTE like no other! 

Joni's bold it BOLD and also lovely and she definitely has the "Midas" touch!

Carol does everything and makes mass cards like a seasoned pro, her wonderful comments and stories brighten any day! 
(Escpecially Mine!)


Nominees: Should you choose to accept this award, please answer the same questions as above. Just copy and paste into your post and type over my answers.

This award is about Paying it Forward to bloggers with a following of less than 300. It's a great way to thank those that came before you and help others attain more crafty friends/followers.
To learn about how you except the award and pass it on click here.

Ardyth said...

Congratulations - well earned (and rather late in coming, in my humble opinion) - you rock! Your creativity and enthusiasm are a real joy!

Judy1223 said...

Congrats, Kimberly...I was happy to see this and I agree with Ardyth, it is well-deserved for sure! Your enthusiasm is amazing and I am in awe of your cards!

Shannon J said...

Well, I can't imagine a more perfect nominee for this!! CONGRATS!!! And oh my, you're passing it over to me??!!! I am blushing! Thank you!!!

Barb Ghig said...

CONGRATS to you, Kimberly! You are so deserving of this lovely honor! I can't imagine CAS card making without you...I am always inspired and amazed by your creativity and enjoy visiting your blog every, single time! Sending big hugs and smiles your way!!!

~amy~ said...

Well of course you were given the Liebster are wonderfully creative, upbeat and encouraging to everyone. I'm lucky enough to know you IRL and you are one of the kindest people I know. Thanks for all of the fantabulous inspiration!

Katie Ann Brooks said...

Congrats to you on this award and shout out! Well deserved!

AND Thank you sweet friend for nominating me! I am lucky to know, live and be able to craft with you Miss K!

cm said...

You are MORE than deserving, my sweet Kimberly, of this honour! Congrats!! And that you're passing it on to me: wow!! I am so honoured - and need to start the 'next steps' which are on my agenda once we're home from our mini road trip! LOVED reading your responses; love your creativity; love that you share your gifts with us; love you bunches and bunches! Hugs~c

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