Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday First Thing's First!

Happy Friday!

It is time for First thing Friday!
Anyone who follows me in the sidebar, 
I will feature you on a Friday Post.
I will go check out your blog and list a feature, 
post, or a card that I found interesting.
(I will follow you too!)

WOW, amazing crowd today!  
I have 8 wonderful new bloggie friend followers!

Karen's  - I appreciate you -  
card that she made for the current MUSE 
is a seriously Darling GEM!
Check it out [HERE]

Stephanie K - of Stephs Shoebox
Her CAS(E)this sketch card is so Clean and Crisp and glam!
Check it out [HERE]

Eugenia - of Enhanced Evening
Eugenia's Wplus9 card is an absolute Dream!
LOVE her design sensibilities

Pam or Pammie -  of Pammie's Inky Pinkies
Pam can do layered and also CAS!!!
I adore this card, so BRIGHT and cheerful!

Harriet S - of Alleycat Cards
Here Case Study card is so crisp and LOVELY
the embossed lines are amazing!

Michelle Lupton - Handmade by Michelle
I ADORE this card so sweet and I 
really want it for my very own!!

Annette Witherspoon of Spoon Full of Sugar
Sparkling Hexagons, this card is just that, and More BLING!
Check it out [HERE]

Diane Sims of InkyfingersinIndiana
I love her card here, so layered in loveliness, though
still not cluttered, just AMAZING!

Wow, that was a whole lot of goodness 
if you check out the lovely tidbits I highlighted from each blog!

Here is a SNEAKY PEEK for tomorrow's
Sketch it Saturday post!

See you tomorrow,
 Unless I can get LUCKY 
and post more tonight!!!


~amy~ said...

fun sneak peek!

Stephanie K said...

Thanks for the shout out!!

Katie Ann Brooks said...

Love your little feature. I follow you right, that is why you are in my feed? Anyway, fun sneak and see you tomorrow!!!!!! :)

Michelle Lupton said...

Thanks for including me in your feature :)

Tam Hess said...

Hi! Sorry I ended up with a double follow! I've been fighting google and we aren't getting along right now. haha Love your blog! xoxo

Shannon J said...

Obviously word is getting out about your super awesome blog!!! Congrats on all the new followers!!! Can't wait for tomorrow - you're such a tease!!!

cm said...

Your effervescent personality and stunning cards are like magnets, drawing ever more people into your circle! I agree with Shannon - word is out about how amazing you are!! So glad to be a 'friend' - you're a gift!! Hugs~c