Monday, March 3, 2014

Virginia's View Challenge - Follow your heart!

Thanks Virginia!!!

I needed another excuse to paint!
 in Twinking H2o's

Virginia is coming to the rescue on a Trigger Challenge.
Lovely First Challenge is looking like
a smashing success!
Congrat's Virginia!

Join along [HERE]

Paperspurce Cottage Bloom Large
Catslife Press Sentiment
Twinkling H20's
Clear Snap Mix'd Inx Noir

Posting to YES, Virginia!!!

ooh and more fun!


sanketi said...

Just gorgeous! I got some H2O's to give them a try!

Tracey McNeely said...

Gorgeous watercolouring Kimberly!

Virginia Lu said...

I am so stoked that you really embraced the water-coloring and run with it, Kimberly! The colors on both cards are SO beautifully done! VERY happy to see that my challenge inspired you!Thank you for playing our first Virginia's View Challenge!

Irish Cherokee said...

Kimberly, Watercolors are not my favorite things to do but you handled them. Both cards are very well done.

Leslie Germain said...

GORGEOUS card! Love how you did the flowers!!!

Jeanne J said...

Simply stunning~!

Barb Ghig said...

I love that you used Twinkling H2O's for your cards...both are just beautiful, Kimberly!

shirley-bee said...

Fabulous! Love the background on the second one.

Shannon J said...

Gasp!!! Perfection!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!! That's all I've got to say ;) !!!!!

~amy~ said...

g o r g e o u s

Robin K. said...

Awesome! Makes me want to get my Twinkling H2O's and play!

Joni nina Andaya said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! Love your water coloring creations Kimberly!!!

cm said...

I'm a dough-head in not knowing what kind of markers (?) H20s are (I'll do a search later), but from what I see here, they're heading to my wish list! GORGEOUS cards! Your water-colouring is stellar...absolutely 1000% stellar! Hugs~c