Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Blown Radiator

Leaving work to pick up Conrad at Summer Sports Camp, my car flashed a message for low coolant.  This is nothing too bad, and could usually wait til I got to a auto parts store.  Cooincidentally, I was 1/2way to the camp when I pulled over to make a call.  The dust from the turnoff area spilled up and, kept spilling up and I realized it was actually smoke from my car.   Holy crap, was my car on fire?  No, though the radiator was spewing water allover.. Geesh.  The HERO husband arrived and put coolant in, confirmed the radiator was in fact leaking and need replaced.  I followed him to get Conrad, then to O'Reillys auto parts.  We picked up a new radiator, went and grabbed a Jersey Mikes sub then headed home.  He spent the evening fixing this. And I glowed with admiration that the man I married is such a super HERO.  Lucky me.

As I beamed at him, the radiator coming out got stuck and politely my husband advised I had better go back in the house now.  Apparently Scott's best method for working in a tight situation under frustration is to cuss the tar out of the thing irking him.  He is right, it is not a pretty sight.

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BrittanyLane said...

Oh man! I hate car trouble. You are super lucky to have a handy hubby. I had no idea my husband was handy until we had been married for a while. It's such a huge blessing!