Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Leavenworth Lodge: Beaver Valley Lodge

My mom's birthday is September 26th.  Her wish is to see the changing of the leaves this fall, and more importantly to see them on a trip to Leavenworth.  It just so happens that Leavenworth has many festivals, and one is the Changing of the Leaves that happens on my mom's birthday weekend.  We have taken her on this trip before in the fall, and the color of the leaves is just amazing... You drive along wooded highways and the mountainsides are covered in reds oranges and yellows.  So brilliantly colored they look like they are painted on.  I went online and thought, you know let's make a weekend of it this time. 
There are several very Bavarian styled Chalets and Inns in Leavenworth.  If you are like me, you do not necessarily need to be right in the middle of things.  The outskirts are better, less traffic, less noise, because face it, when you do get to your room, you want to be able to sleep.  I find it hard to settle in when I hear late night noises.  It is hard enough being away from your own bed, you should at least get some good sleep.  So I showed mom quite a few hotels and we both settled on the very beautiful
 as you will see, click on the word The Beaver Valley Lodge and you will see that it is breathtaking.  Only 20 minutes from Leavenworth, unique grounds, a themed restaurant nearby, an excuse to drive around the country, we were sold. 

My favorite thing is to plan little trips like this, collecting memories that we can look back on with fondness..This coming weekend we will be in Port Townsend, another Pacific Northwest favorite of ours to celebrate our 3yr anniversary.  There we stay at the Palace hotel.  Click here on the word, The Palace Hotel and it will direct link you to take you to see it.  The history is rich and also very amusing, we love it so much!

I know quite a few people that would love to know more about Leavenworth, where to stay, etc.  I will give a full report on the Lodge.

Hey all. Check out The Palace Hotel!

and the The Beaver Valley Lodge!

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