Monday, August 1, 2011

Pontiac Progress

Scott sent his monstrous black Pontiac Ventura off to Fenders & Fins in Woodinville to have the body work done.

I have seen the pictures, and I would cry if my car was all torn apart like this. Scott could not be happier. He has worked so hard in life and waited so long to have his dream begin to be realized. To have his car be restored.

Today he went to Fenders & Fins to retrieve the forward lamp harness to mail to Lectric Limited who will rebuild it. What the heck is that you ask.. A bunch of wiry cable junk sitting un unnervingly on the coffee table in front of me. My husband says I can't believe that you are unnerved by a wire harness. "That is weird."

Well.. it is scary looking. And just plain gross. (I will have to take a picture as it looks like large plugs with dirty wires all over like Medusa hair..

There is one piece that Scott had altered that is really custom and not at all what the 66 Pontiac Venturas looked like. Scott had a really rad hood scoop added. Man, it looks Bad a$$... Truly Cool. When this project is finished, Scott looks forward to joining an Auto Club and will occasionally attend Auto shows to show it off. I know that Conrad will love this too, they are really alot alike in that they like mechanical things.

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