Friday, August 19, 2011

Chief Seattle Days 2011

Well were off tomorrow to Chief Seattle Days.  We are excited as this is like Christmas for moms side of the family, the time where she gets to see her brother's and sisters and we see cousins and now all the cousins kids that are getting so grown up.  Wow, I remember like yesterday the cousins as kids and I was about 15 babysitting them as they ran around the play ground...Now some have 15 year old's of their own.

"What a drag it is getting old." - Mick Jagger

Ok, that is a bit harsh.  These are my best years.  I have the best husband, know that my mother is taken care of and safe as she ages, we are raising a wonderful boy, and am blessed to be able to travel (a little) as much as I can to see places I want to see.
So these are the best of times. 

That does not mean my knees are not creaking....  :)

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