Thursday, August 11, 2011

Memory Suite Software Giveaway by

Would anyone be interested in a FREE $40 value digital scrapbooking software program???You cannot beat FREE.

I know some of you do like keeping memories, but feel it is all to much work to prepare them the way that you really want to, or you have too little time. I have been introduced to a fun new software from my memories that is fun, fast and easy. My Memories  Memory Suite is the #1 software for scrapbooking.

And even if you do NOT scrapbook,or digital scrapbook on a regular basis, this down loadable software will amaze you and enable you to do alot of the fun pages that you see on other blogs, without the cost of very expensive digital programs, and with very little experience. Now really, if I did not have Photoshop, I would JUMP at the chance to have this!

You may have a really EXCELLENT chance at winning this for FREE!!!
I will be checking out his product in more detail... and let you know more about it, where to get it , and how easy it is to use.

Please let me know your interest!!
I will try out this software, and review my results, and post more details....

Again, the MORE comments the better.  Are you interested?!!

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