Monday, August 8, 2011

The Weekend

Conrad, Mom & I went to the local Kirkland Performance Theatre and saw the all teen and under play "The Wizard of Oz." Ages 9-19 were in the play, and 80 kids in all. Mom was hesitant to go, and complained quite a bit really. When you get older you really are aware of your surroundings. She was sure that it would be too crowded, too hot, uncomfortable, and just not a good time with the crowd. Well, I convinced her to not complain too much until she really had something to complain about. "If it turns out you do not like the show Mom, Scott is minutes away, I will call him and he will just come pick you up." That helped. The play was simply amazing. I teared up in the very beginning at the "Over the Rainbow" song. The actresses playing Dorothy, the Wicked witch of the West, and Glenda the good witch, all sounded spot on. You really felt you were in the movie whenever you saw the good witch Glenda. All of the singers were excellent. At only $15 per person, I felt we cheated the show, YES, it was that good. The scarecrow sounded exactly like Ray Bolger... The tin man EXCELLENT. And the cowardly lion was adorable. The scarecrow's moves were like looking at a young Dick Van Dyke.. Simply amazing. We were in awe, and truly had an amazing time.
Scott worked in the garage on the Pontiac engine, and when we got home at 10:30pm, announced he was sick.
We stayed home and hung around. We did go to brunch at the local favorite Cafe in Woodinville, but then spent the rest of the day home.

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