Friday, April 20, 2012

Ali Edwards "Big Project" Online Class: 31 Things

I will begin an Ali Edwards writing class in May.  The class is essentially a daily writing assignment.  
I will be e-mailed for 31 days a single word to begin my journey in writing. 
The focus is to be as in depth as you can about a given word that will turn into your mini story for that day.  The mini story will be accompanied by a photo that will best support your story.
Content rich.  Facts, feelings, and content.  How cool is that. 

I write letters for my job.  In the letters I write, more often that not, the writing is very structured, fact based, and to the point. The writing reflects analytical thinking, usually has a chronological order of events and most of the time, it is not at all how I really would talk in person.  This is a treat to be able to write in depth about a subject that is open ended and can have any direction, or no direction at all.

I look forward to this exercise.  For any others out there that may be joining the class, good luck.  I will be posting each day and the entire project will have it's own tab at the top of my blog so they can be viewed all together.

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