Saturday, April 28, 2012

Week in the Life: Day 6

Like alot of people, I check Facebook to peek in on family and friends.
My older brother Shawn left this photo on fb. 
He has been working on this "art" for quite some time. 
The work is his vision put in ink on his back.  I love how bright and colorful it is!
I knew when I saw it I had to showcase it.

First Day Page:
Not your everyday WITL cover page, I know..  My brother just updated this status on fb.  Scott actually did some design work (very little) on his arm of an angel and a sword.  His themes are angels and swords and medieval. 

The Pages - Day 6:
Conrad and I had some quality time together.  We did some laundry, we did some scrapbooking, and we watched Jumaji.  Today was low key and lazy.
I printed a few pages of 2x2 photos and we punched them out and placed in coin page protectors.  He loved that.   It was neat to see the last few days in thumbnail.
Conrad loved this project.

What you need: 2x2 Punch, awesome photos (I know you have those)
BCW Coin protector pages
This particular brand is the perfect size. I went to a coin shop. without bringing a 2x2 punch photo, and that was a mistake.  ALL protectors are not alike.  The ones at the coins store were of superior quality, however they were not exactly 2x2, the top edge of the photo stuck out, and the width was wider than the W R Memory keepers width.  So the BCW Brand is the way to go if you want fun 2x2 photos pages.  Kids love punching the photos.  The pockets are a little snug fitting the photos in, but if you are careful you will have no problems!

The Photos - 25tl:

The Daily Journal Pages:
I didn't scan these yet, and tomorrow (since it is my birthday) will not get scanned either for a awhile
Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your day!

Anonymous said...

It was great looking through your photos from this Week in the Life project! Thanks so much for sharing. I love the way they all look in the template. It makes me excited to get started on mine.

I hope you have a great week! ~Jennifer

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