Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Recap: April 21-22

Scott and I went for a quick breakfast at the Chrystal Creek diner in Bothell.  Scott has his usual, the prime rib dip with fires and blue cheese dipping sauce.  I had the pumpkin waffle with 2 eggs and bacon.  Mom and Conrad had oatmeal at home. 
I wish they had wanted to go.  But it was quiet and low key. 
Scott had to finish up some things at work, so he went in about 10:30 or 11.  Conrad called Z to play and he came over at noon.  It was so nice out that I had them get their bikes and walked to the park.  They biked and walked the park forest trails and ended up playing frisbee for some time.  I read a magazine and took pictures.  I have som hilarious action shots.  Scott came back in time for me to leave for Seattle.  I met a card class friend Linda for quick nibbles at Sezerac, and a whole lot of girl talk.   Then we were off to the 8pm show at 5th Avenue theatre of the "Damn Yankees".  It was very fun.  Grateful there was air conditioning there! The seats were awesome (thanks to Kimmie Sheets).
When I left the house the boys had started playing on the slip and slide with the hose.  They left the Monopoly game all over the picnic table and I hollered from the deck down to them to clean it up before they got it wet. They both know one game at a time... Z was going to sty til 3pm, I heard that he stayed until about 6.  They must have had a lot of fun.  I got home and all was well.  The beach towels they had were even hanging on the towel rod.  (I was really amazed at this)  Way to go Scott!
--All I can think is there was some pics I missed!

Scott had to work again.  (Bummer!) He went and grabbed us something to eat.  I was wrapping up some projects and he went to Starbuck's to get me a Chibatta egg sandwich and a Cinnamon Dolce Latte.  At noon Scott headed to lunch with his buddy Rob and afterwards took Conrad to 60 acres park to the Scouts Rocket Launch event until about 4.  I was so tired I stayed home.  My camera had to charge and I wanted to scrap!

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